Peter Hackett

Life and art, I love them both…
Peter Hackett was entwined in my world even before I met him
His sister was a classmate and my friend
so when our paths crossed as individuals, it was easy…it was fun
    And over the years, despite going our separate ways, it has remained so…
When we met in our youth, I had aspirations to be an artist…
Peter was one,
What shape, form and style that was going to morph into, he had little idea,
But I could tell that at the centre of his being he knew,
               He was an artist
…and then he went to work,
Learning, developing, experimenting, so as to ensure he could be proud of the artist he was born to
Talent is easy… it’s undeniable and real, but it’s easy,
               And so often it goes unrealised
Peter has worked hard for that not to be his talents’ fate…
The results are here for all to see…
In the layers, The passion, The techniques, The depth made to look so easy…
I could go on about the person, but for Peter, it has always been about the art…his art
               So I invite you to turn the page
Step into the world he wants to share with you,
                                                                                                  …and enjoy
Grant Pearce…
Peter Hackett’s friend
Peter J Hackett

Gallery History

Year Gallery Location
1980 Salon des Artistes Francaise Paris, France
1981 La Defence Paris, France
1982 Canterbury Gallery Rotorua, NZ
1983 Words and Pictures Gallery Auckland, NZ
1984 ASA Gallery Auckland, NZ
1985 Contemporary Gallery Warrensburg, Mo, USA
1992 Portfolio Gallery Auckland, NZ
1993 Chiaro Scuro Gallery Auckland, NZ
1994 Morgan le Faye Gallery Auckland, NZ
1995 TVH gallery Balgowlah, Sydney, Australia
1996 ARTEX Auckland, NZ
1997 ARTEX Auckland, NZ
1998 TVH gallery Balgowlah, Sydney, Australia
1999 TVH gallery Balgowlah, Sydney, Australia
2005 Fishers Fine Arts Auckland, NZ
2006 Fishers Fine Arts Wellington, NZ
2006 Fishers Fine Arts Auckland, NZ
2007 Fishers Fine Arts Christchurch, NZ
Year Gallery Location
2007 Fishers Fine Arts Auckland, NZ
2008 Exhibitions Gallery Wellington, NZ
2008 Fishers Fine Arts Christchurch, NZ
2009 Exhibitions Gallery Wellington, NZ
2010 Exhibitions Gallery Wellington, NZ
2011 Exhibitions Gallery Wellington, NZ
2012 Exhibitions Gallery Wellington, NZ
2013 Exhibitions Gallery Wellington, NZ
2013 Parnell Gallery Auckland, NZ
2014 Exhibitions Gallery Wellington, NZ
2014 Parnell Gallery Auckland, NZ
2015 Exhibitions Gallery Wellington, NZ
2015 Parnell Gallery Auckland, NZ
2016 Parnell Gallery Auckland, NZ
2017 Parnell Gallery Auckland, NZ
2018 Parnell Gallery Auckland, NZ
2019 Parnell Gallery Auckland, NZ


Year Award
1988 Nola Holmwood Portrait Award finalist
1990 Team MacMillan Art award finalist
1991 Ida Este Art Award finalist
2000 Windsor and Newton Art Award finalist

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Selected Commissions

American Coin Collection. 40 engravings, Shamhart collection. 12 mtr mural for Recycled Recreation. Seabrook collection American coin collection. 40 engravings, Shamhart collection. Nemrut Dhugi. Turkish Cafe. Auckland.

The Factory. Elisar Salama Collection.

Wellington Airport Hotel. A commission for three large panels, following The Honeymooners’ Bed, 2018.